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Friday, November 17, 2017

Maternal and Child Nutrition Behavioral Change Communication Training Manual Consultant at Global Support Development Initiative (GDI-Uganda) - Career Opportunity in Uganda

Consultancy title:
Maternal and Child Nutrition Behavioral Change Communication Training Manual Consultant

Consultancy at:
Global Support Development Initiative (GDI-Uganda)

Deadline of this Job:
20th November, 2017, 17:00pm (EAST).

Duty Station:

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Consultancy details:
Maternal and Child Nutrition Behavioral Change Communication Training Manual Uganda Grassroots Nutrition Project, Northern Uganda
I. Introduction
This document sets forth the Terms of Reference (TOR) for Technical Support to the Development of Behavioral Change Communication materials on; Proper Maternal and Child Nutrition Practices including WASH and Bio fortified crops (Beans, Kale and Carrots). This manual will be a valuable material that will serve as the essential tool to provide knowledge and skills to enable Community Resource Persons (CRPs) to support caregivers optimally feed their children.
II. Organization Background
A. Global Support Development Initiative (GDI-Uganda)
Global Support Development Initiative (GDI-Uganda) is a national CHILDCARE and Non –Governmental Community Development Organization registered in Uganda in 2013 and works to reach out vulnerable children, families and communities with philosophy of ONE CHILD; ONE Community at a time’’.
It was registered and charged with its main mandate to pursue socio-economic recovery, rehabilitation and development programs in the region of Northern Uganda and beyond, with the belief that; Every Child is ‘’Born Free and Equal’’ to his or her full potential and has the right to a life without hunger, poverty, malnutrition, illness, depression, oppression and illiteracy.
Our Program is anchored on five (5) broad themes deliberately focused on: (1) Health and Nutrition (2) Child Protection, Governance and Advocacy (3) Agriculture, Food Security, Livelihood and Humanitarian relief; (4) Education (5) Water, Sanitation, Hygiene & Environment (WASHE) and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.
B. Nutrition Gap in Apac District; a Project for which the BCC materials will be developed for its implementation
Under Nutrition affects over two (2) million children under 5 years in Uganda. According to (Uganda Bureau of Statistics 2006- UBOS 2006), about 11% of infants in Uganda are born with some form of malnutrition. However, this percentage increased to 13% (UBOS, 2011) even with interventions to combat this. Regionally, Northern region where Apac is a District is situated has high stunting rate of children under two years (CU2) at 24.7% (Uganda Demographic Health Survey 2011- UDHS 2011).
This is attributed to poor feeding practices and in this case low practice of exclusive breast feeding for children less than 6 months old and poor feeding of children on adequate complementary diverse foods.

The Project is therefore driven by the ultimate Goal of Reducing Stunting Rate among children less than two years (CU2) in Apac District.
It is against this background that, GDI-Uganda will be implementing a three year Uganda Grassroots Nutrition Project dubbed “Inclusive and Sustainable Maternal and Child Nutrition (ISuMaC- Project) in Inomo Sub County, Apac District in partnership with Eleanor Crook Foundation; a basis that warrants development of BCC training materials to address stunting in the District.
The Project will address the following Specific Objectives (SO);
1. To Improve Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) for children under 2 years (CU2) in Apac District by end of 2020.
2. To decrease poor hygiene-sanitation related diseases among households of CU2 in Apac District by the end of 2020.
III. Content of the Training Manual
A. Group Dynamics (Module 1)
• Group Dynamics Practices and their importance as this project will channel trainings to target groups through Mother Care Group Module.
B. Improving Infant and Young Child Feeding for CU2 (Module 2) The manual should carry BCC messages on;
  • Proper exclusive breast feeding practices.
  • Appropriate and recommended complementary feeding practices
  • Men’s roles and responsibilities in improving proper Infant and Young Child feeding and Maternal Nutrition.
  • Roles of local leaders (Local Government, Religious and Cultural leaders) to improve IYCF and Maternal Nutrition.
  • Nutritious foods (Iron fortified Beans, Collards, and Carrots) and their nutrition importance.
  • Balance Diet, importance of Vitamin A, and Iron.
  • Food preparation procedures that conserve food nutrients.
C. To decrease poor hygiene-sanitation related diseases among households of CU2(Module 3)
The manual should carry BCC messages on;
  • Proper Household Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices.
NOTE: For each of the modules,
  • Clearly outline training objectives should be simple to understand and should contribute to the overall Project Goal.
  • Training materials required to deliver the BCC messages needs to be included.
  • Trainers Pre-Training instructions are very important.
  • Specific illustrations on Key messages.
IV. Key Consultant Tasks;
  1. Develop the Training Manuals
  2. Translate the message to local language (Luo)
  3. Discuss the draft manual with GDI-Uganda Project team for review and common understanding of each context.
  4. Incorporate GDI-Uganda suggestions
  5. Testing the draft copy on sampled target groups
  6. Refining the tested draft
  7. Sharing final copy with GDI-Uganda.
V. Timeline
The development of the training manuals will be expected to take approximately 25 days between 25th Nov and 20th Dec, 2017. Estimates of the time are broken down in the Table below.
Table1: Estimated Consultancy Timeline
Task / Deliverable
  November 2017
    December 2017
Development of Training Manuals
Discuss the Draft manual with GDI-
Uganda Project team
Testing the draft copy on sampled
target groups
Refining the tested draft
Translating the
Manual to  Local
Language (Luo)
Sharing final copy with GDI-Uganda

VI. Consultancy Technical Requirements
A. Consultant Experience and Qualifications
  • At least 10 years of experience in Public Health consultancy, with a specific focus on Nutrition.
  • Tested experience in Health or Nutrition Project work and Program evaluation.
  • Significant demonstrated expertise in process and team management, especially related to technical material development.
  • Ability to simplify complex technical topics in non-technical language.
  • Strong analytical and English writing skills
  • Ability to work independently, while also showing openness to feedback and suggestions.
  • Previous experience in Northern Uganda will be considered an asset. B. Application requirements and process
Interested Consultants/ Firms are requested to submit;
  • An expression of interest highlighting the specific experiences and expertise that qualifies you for the task(s).
  • A detailed CV, highlighting previous relevant evaluation experience in particular and experiences in development of training manuals.
  • A sample of a recent training manual and any BCC materials previously developed by you.
  • A Technical Proposal of no more than seven pages (as a Word document), detailing Consultant’s understanding of the TOR; any recommended changes to the methodology, with justifications and overview of key proposed quality control processes for fine tuning the messages.
  • A budget in Excel, which includes: (1) Consultant’s fee on a daily rate; (2) internal travel expenses (3) and any other relevant cost associated to this task.
Application procedure
Full application packages should be submitted online to GDI-Uganda via: or, hand delivered to address below, by 20th November, 2017, 17:00pm (EAST).
Executive Director
Global Support Development Initiative
Plot 15, Imat Apulli Road, Off Aloi Road, Near Truth Fountain Church
P.O Box 967,
Lira- Uganda
NOTE: Only inquiries please call: 0392 622 210