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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Recreation Officer Job at African Prisons - Career Opportunity in Uganda

Vacancy title:
Recreation Officer

Jobs at:
African Prisons

Deadline of this Job:
30th November 2017

Duty Station:
Kampala, Uganda

Job details:
Africa Prisons Project – who are we?
The African Prisons Project (APP) is a community of people passionately committed to bringing dignity, hope and justice to men, women and children in African prisons ensuring equitable access to justice, health and education. Our 2020 strategy focuses on developing change makers amongst prison staff and inmates who use the law to bring justice to the most vulnerable in society; to begin assembling world-class law teachers, law makers and practitioners to aid the training and development of our people; and to plan our expansion as we look to establish ourselves as a social enterprise, offering legal education and legal services in Africa and beyond.
APP has a Christian ethos which leads us to serve all regardless of their religion, background, offence, sentence, race, gender or any other factor. We believe every person’s life is fundamentally valuable; our past need not define our future. We are inspired by Jesus’ example of bringing justice and compassion to those rejected by society and seeing great value in those that others have written off. For more information about the work of African Prisons Project:

Our Health work:
African Prisons Project believes that prisons should have comprehensive health services which are relevant and appropriate for the needs of the prison population. There should be adequate basic living space, nutrition, recreation, sanitation facilities and access to health education services to provide a healthy environment for prisoners and prison staff and their families. In response to the health related challenges faced by people in prison communities, APP is implementing the Okimanyi? project. This is a health education project targeting children and young adults living and working in Luzira Prison Community. These include prison staff, children of prison staff and prisoners. This project aims to improve health and wellbeing among the children and young adults living and working in the prison community using sports and recreation activities to drive healthy behavioural messages among the target population.

Job overview
Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Health Programme Manager and the Senior Management Team, the project Recreation Officer will be responsible for ensuring operation and timely implementation of planned project activities, and fulfil the necessary project administrative requirements.
Roles & responsibilities
Project Management:
  • Work with the project implementation team in developing, scheduling and delivering a varied range of health education, sporting and recreational activities including but not limited to indoor and outdoor sports events as well as Music, Dance and Drama events.
  •  Schedule tournaments and events in line with different project health education and APP programme themes.
  • Assist in preparation of educational materials and help to conduct necessary training in recreation activities including but not limited to health related physical activity, coaching for several indoor and outdoor sports activities, as and when required in the process of implementation of the projects.
  • Participate in producing educational, promotional material and displays for the recreation and sporting events.
  • Undertake regular visits to the project sites to understand the ground situation and take necessary actions for improvement in project implementation.
  • Work with the rest of the on-ground project implementation team to oversee all sports and recreation project activities.
  • Ensure project activities and expenditures comply with the policies and regulations of the African Prisons Project and the donor organisation.
 Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting:
  • Ensure timely preparation of weekly and monthly progress updates and reports.
  • Ensure that regular reports (monthly, quarterly and annual) are provided in a timely manner, in line with the organisational and funding requirements.
  •  Promote and undertake the documentation of good practices and synthesis of lessons learned, and ensure that these are reflected in improved implementation of project activities.
  •  Lead in obtaining and documenting success stories, news articles and inputs to newsletters, websites and social media pages.
  • Ensure weekly updates of the project database with data collected from project beneficiaries.
  • Enable and support the appropriate dissemination of accurate results and findings to beneficiaries, partners and policy makers at various levels and in close collaboration with other project staff.
  • Closely monitor project implementation by stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries, as well as recreation task force members.
  • Monitor and report on any and all developments in areas of operation that have a bearing on the results of the project.
  • Collect data and keep records for monitoring and reporting purposes.
Planning and Implementation:
  •   Prepare coordinated plans with the teams of various departments including finance and procurement to support the implementation of the project in a timely manner.
  •  Participate in preparation of work plans and operation plans for various elements/ components of the project on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  •  Monitor project activity progress on regular basis and give timely suggestions for corrective actions.
 Coordination with the Partners:
  • Support the project implementation team in establishing and nurturing Networks and Linkages with the key actors who play a role in the promotion and protection of prisoners’ rights to access to healthcare.
  • Liaise and work with relevant organisations or agencies including youth services, schools, clubs, sports councils, sports and entertainment personalities.
  • Prepare, organise, coordinate and attend meetings and interactions with key stakeholders and ensure transparent communication.
  • Work as a liaison between the African Prisons Project and the beneficiaries and project taskforce at the prisons within the project site(s).
  •  Comply with the Uganda Prisons Service rules and regulations in carrying out their work.
Any other duties as reasonably requested by the Health Programme Lead and other project staff.
Job application procedure
Use the link below: