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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Consultancy Job at Savimaxx Limited - Career Opportunity in Uganda

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Savimaxx Limited

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Kampala, Uganda

Savimaxx Limited is a premier multi- disciplinary Ugandan Consultancy firm that specializes in the management of abiotic and biotic environments, impact assessments, audits, environmental engineering, physical and urban development planning, resettlement action plans, industrial estate planning, natural resource management, strategic and operational planning. Details of our capability can be got from our website .
If you are a professional with at least five years’ experience, worked on at least three international consultancy assignments, good consulting skills, good writing skills, sell-driven, have a duty of care, have a Master's Degree and above, registered with relevant professional bodies, in the following specialties. Consultants with qualifications and not equivalents that much with the work experience will have an added advantage. Consultants with a distinction in both Mathematics and English language at “O” Level will be a differential from the rest. '
1. Environmental Impact Assessors; 2. Environmental Auditors; 3. Environmental ’ Engineers; 4. Safety Engineers; 5. Electrical Engineers; 6. Dam Engineers; 7. Structural Engineers; B. Civil Engineers; 9. Hydrologists; 10. Geologists; 11. Sociologists; 12. Physical and Urban Planning Sociologists; 13. Environmental Sociologists; 14. Resettlement Action Plan Specialists; 15. Physical and Urban Planners; 16. Valuers (land, economist, property); 17. Surveyors; 18. GlS Specialists; 19. Financial Analysts; 20. Economic Analysts 21. Aquatic Ecologists (Phytoplankton, Zooplankton; Macro benthic, Water Quality, Fish); 22. Terrestrial Ecologists (Butterflies, Plants, Herptiles, Birds, Mammals).

Job application procedure
Please kindly send your CV for consultancy assignments to  . CV formats should be in both the World Bank and PPDA Formats.